Family First supports strong border protection. The 21st century global migration challenge is a significant one, and treaties fail to address the modern challenges. The events of the migration crisis of the 2010’s demonstrate the consequences of weak border protection policy, including social disintegration and cultural upheaval.

Family First supported an end to exploitation by people smugglers, an enterprise that condemned 1,200 people to death by drowning, due to the policies of the former Labor Government.

Family First successfully negotiated a gradual increase in Australia’s humanitarian refugee intake, as a condition of voting for the Coalition Government’s migration legislation:

    1. 13,750 places in 2016/17
    2. 16,250 places in 2017/18
    3. 18,750 places in 2018/19

This is in addition to a one-off intake of 12,000 refugees from the Syrian conflict in 2015, as well as $44 million in humanitarian aid funding.

Australia must support and invest in a safer migration system that ensures, in particular, that two types of migrants are accepted into Australia in increasing number:

  1. Economic migrants who can provide the skills Australia needs to meet its future challenges; and
  2. Persecuted people who, beyond reasonable doubt, face death or serious harm if they return to their home countries, but who are also people who will integrate into Australian society and respect & support Australia’s Christian heritage and values.

Family First has supported and will continue to show support for calls to reasonably increase the annual refugee intake, subject to the two types above.

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